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Manchester's Premiere Group Guitar Lessons

Unlock your musical potential through play


Welcome to the club

At The Guitar Club we are passionate about teaching music and bringing people together in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.
We created our group music lessons to allow students to play music in a fun, social atmosphere with other like mined people.

Everyone has a creative side and we want to bring that out in you!
We cater for all levels and specialise in complete beginners. Our comprehensive, song based, curriculum has a proven track record for helping hundreds of students reach their guitar playing goals.

6 Week Beginners Course

Our Fast Track to Fundamentals course is the best place to start if you are new to music.

What does the course include?

Our 6 Week Beginners Course is designed to give you the full experience of what we’re all about while teaching you the fundamentals of the guitar.

After our Fast Track to Fundamentals course you will then have the option to progress to the next level of our curriculum and continue your guitar journey.

The Guitar Club Locations

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Get Playing!

Get in touch now to sign up and start learning.


I’m a complete beginner, when can I start?

Apply for our Fast Track to Fundamentals course here.

I’ve already learnt a bit of guitar in the past but I’d like to restart, where do I start?

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a call, we’ll meet you where you’re at and decide where to start you on our curriculum.

What happens after I complete the 6 week beginners course?

Most people then move onto level 2 of our curriculum and continue their musical journey with us.

Can I use my own guitar?

Of course, if you don’t own one we will also have guitars for you to borrow.

What kind of music will I play?

At The Guitar Club we’re big on keeping it fun, so we try and include as many fun and recognisable songs as possible in our curriculum.

I’m not sure the Fast Track to Fundamentals course is for me…

Get in touch, we’ll arrange a chat.



Please email, or use the message form to join the club today and for all enquiries.